On Moving to St. Louis from San Diego

Log Day 397:

Water continues to fall unabated from the sky. When we moved here, I literally did not even own an umbrella or something called a “raincoat.” I cannot express to you how disconcerting it is to have hundreds of gallons of water spew off my home like a roman candle and people simply go about their business as if everything is normal.

No matter how much it rains the locals do not seem concerned, but I have begun to plan construction for a wall around our home to keep out the water. *Update, as seen below, my initial “levees” (local dialect) have failed. The chickens have taken to the lifeboats in hopes of surviving the flood waters, I wish them the best of buh gawk. Because honestly people, when is this something that should ever happen?

For awhile there cars were floating down the street, accompanied by cats on pizza boxes. Add to the River St. Louis above our very own geyser below and poop just got very real. Apparently, there are massive concrete tunnels (not created by aliens) underneath the city that carry water away to dispose of it and even these tunnels are completely full.


Despite these water logged challenges, we shall persevere. We will continue our water envelope shipments to California in hopes of alleviating some of the problems; in exchange for avocados, limon Cheetos and fish tacos.


Bedraggled in St. Louis and missing chickens

P.S. Avocados are running dangerously low.