BSides San Francisco 2015 – Recap

On April 19-20 the BSides organization held the 6th Annual BSides San Francisco event. The event was amazing. The range of people, topics, and interactions were incredible. If you have not read up on BSides, take a quick peek now. This organization is doing #infosec right – BSides 

I was very fortunate to be asked by BSides to speak on Day 2 about HIPAA.

Among the many amazing people there I got to meet the infamous @banasidhe

The facilities provided by @OpenDNS were fantastic. They provided an great venue in a great location. If you are not familiar with OpenDNS, take a quick peek over at their website and learn about the great work they do. OpenDNS

Turning to my presentation, things started off well and generated a lot of questions.

Also amazing was the live art during presentations. While I spoke, @kellykingman drew out my words:

The art was courtesy of @tripwireinc and organized by @joepetitt2

Before wrapping up and heading back to the real world there were several questions I promised some attendees I would follow up on, here they are.

1) Third Party Security/HIPAA Gap Analysis: On the web at Parameter Security and twitter @ParameterHacker

2) Third Party HIPAA Compliance: On the web at HIPAATrek and twitter @HIPAATrek

3) Post Regarding 60 Minute Notification Requirements for HIPAA Breach in Texas

4) More information regarding the Alaska Thumb Drive HIPAA Breach

5) Info on the HHS Security Risk Analysis Tool

6) Information on NIST HIPAA Compliance ToolKit

7) Information on what HIPAA requires for Encryption

Thank you again to BSides for an amazing opportunity and thank you for reading my blog. Up next week, I will do a review and walkthrough of HIPAATrek compliance tool!

/s/ HH @legallevity

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